Jen & Joe’s First Dance: Brides NY Magazine (New York Wedding Photography / Videography)

Jen and Joe’s first dance was definitely one that stands out… they started slow and sweet and ended with awesomeness. Brides NY magazine is doing an article on first dances and they’re using Jen and Joe’s story… and images, of course, by Small Moments Studios. We’re excited to have our images shown, and Jen is DEFINITELY excited as well. I thought rather than just to focus on the photography of the first dance, I’d do a post here that shows a good portion of the dance… because though the images are great, sometimes video is truly needed to capture a moment. Here is Jen and Joe’s teaser video… and check out the 2011 Spring/Summer edition of Brides NY magazine (on stands sometime in February) to see more about this dance and more of our work.

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