Falkirk Estate and Country Club Wedding Photography: Kelly and Stephen

Okay, last official wedding of the year was at… Falkirk, of course! The grounds were beautiful, and it was great to see our friends there. Colleen did a great job of running the show, and with Terrence, Jessica, and of course, Kimmy and everyone else on staff, the wedding went smoothly. For me, it was the perfect end of the year wedding, and it was the best start to a wedding I think I’ve ever had. I attribute that to Kelly and Stephen getting me a bag of provisions… they know how much I love beef jerky and coke, so they had everything I needed ready for me… along with some entenmann’s cookies. Check out the picture on our facebook page.

So for the teasers, this time around, I’m doing something a little different.  I decided, since it’s the end of the year, I’m going to do one image here on the blog, and then showcase more in depth images on the Small Moments Studios facebook page.  Therefore, I’m going to add a couple of pictures each day this week for each section of the day.  So, I’m starting off with the morning preparations, then another day I’ll post the first look pictures, then the ceremony, then some formal shots, then some dancing, some couple shots, etc.  This way you get to see a little more in depth on each of the sections of the day.  That way I can show more than just one shot of the ceremony or of dancing, but I can show a couple without making the blog post too long.

So, if you want to see more, then check back on the blog later on today and we’ll have the first section of the day up.  And if you’re not a fan of the facebook page, maybe click ‘like’ while you’re over there.  And realize that the last images that we’ll put up will be the ones from the SPOTLIGHT photobooth, which truly rocked.  So… check back throughout the week this week and we’ll have more and more images to show you.

For now, here’s one quick one… a favorite of mine, shot right after they kissed and were leaving the ceremony area… the grounds at Falkirk look awesome and Kelly and Stephen look so beautiful and happy.  And for those of you photographers out there, this image is straight out of camera… no editing done to it.

Enjoy, and see you all here later for more teasers from this weekend’s engagement sessions… plus see you on the facebook page for more from Kelly and Stephen’s wedding!


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