Jennifer & Curt: Hudson Valley Engagement Session (Pearl River Hilton Wedding Photography)

You never know what to expect when going on an engagement session… that definitely held true for Jennifer and Curt’s session.  We had a great drive out to the Delaware River Water Gap area… a special area for Curt where he goes fishing and hunting.  Jennifer turned me on to Alien Fresh Jerky… she insisted that it’s the best beef jerky she’s ever had.  Well, you know me (okay, maybe you don’t) but I love me some beef jerky.  We had a great time hanging out… the conversation covered Red Dawn and Tango and Cash, so you know it was good.

During the session, they rolled up their pants and got in the water.  I didn’t want to be outdone, so I did the same.  🙂  Proof of that is on the facebook page or our Instagram, as I had Curt take a picture with my cell phone.  And Curt pulled out his compound bow from his truck… along with camo for both of them… all that made for some cool images.  Curt and Jennifer rock… I’m looking forward to working with them at their wedding at the Pearl River Hilton next year.

Oh, and I order 3 bags of Alien beef jerky when I got back home.  I’ll update ya’ll on that when I get it.

So here are some fabulous images from their engagement shoot.  And I don’t use the word fabulous lightly.  That last image is my favorite.  Enjoy!



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