We Love Picture Yourself Photobooths!! (Rockland and Westechester Photobooths)

So at Small Moments Studios, we’ve been offering our SPOTLIGHT photobooth.  We love it, and we love the images we capture with our booth.  However, sometimes you just want an actual booth… a covered booth with a touch screen interface along with printed photostrips.  So we searched and searched until we found a photobooth that was up to the standards we wanted.  This photobooth uses a high quality dye-sub printer… it uses studio lighting, not a pop-up flash or anything like that.  And this booth also uses high quality DSLRs for taking the picture, so you get the best images possible.  Visit our ‘sister site’ at www.PictureYourselfPhotobooths.com.



See and here, you can see that the quality is there, even if you blow the images up larger… here are two from Billy’s 30th Birthday.  Classic.  You know you want the booth.  EVERYone wants the booth!



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