Rockland County New York Newborn Photography (Suffern Photographer)

So, many of you know that I’ve got two beautiful girls… Maya and Shayla.  Well,  about 9 months ago, our son Benjamin was born.  We’ve been so happy and excited… we love our girls but we miss them as babies.  Personally, I love babies and how much fun they are.  The one issue for us this time around was space… we’ve now filled up all the rooms in the house.  My office ended up becoming Benjamin’s bedroom, and that has left me sort of homeless for a little while.  In order to rectify that situation, we’ve been building a very cool addition to the house which will leave me with 1000 square feet dedicated to Small Moments Studios… that includes an office and a large room for shooting.  So as you’ll see in a future post, our small studio is going big and awesome.  It’ll be absolutely cool… check back for a separate blog post on the new space.  And so I thank Benjamin for being the push we needed to expand.

Benjamin is such an awesome boy… here’s one of his newborn images.  I love shooting newborn sessions… it flows as an extension of our weddings.  I’m always so excited when I hear from my brides and they’re expecting.  I’m even more excited when I get to shoot their newborn sessions.  And of course, I’m super excited when the newborn session is for one of my own babies as well.  One of the big plans for the new studio will be to take on more newborn sessions, so for those of you expecting… give us a call or send us an email!

Oh, and as I said, Benjamin is 9 months now… 9 months means he’s cruisin’, saying mama and dada, laughing, smiling and being generally awesome.  I don’t want to sound cliche and say that I’m blessed, but I definitely sorta feel that way!

Thanks for being here and visiting the site.  Thanks to all of our clients and couples and for all the support.





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