Irene & Carlos: Connecticut Wedding Photography (Suffern Hudson Valley)

Irene and Carlos had a beautiful wedding in Connecticut, and I was happy to be able to photograph their day.  They had actually booked another photographer from another photography company, but that photographer was feeling ill and needed to go to the hospital at the last minute.  She was scrambling, looking for someone to help her out and help out this bride.  I saw the request for help on facebook at around 2:00, and it was a 2 hour drive for me to get to the venue.  I grabbed my gear and left right away, and though there was a bit of traffic I managed to make it to the venue with ten minutes to spare before the ceremony.

For me here at Small Moments Studios, I’ve got photographers as part of my crew such that if there are any unforeseen emergencies, we can cover for each other, though those situations hopefully come up only rarely.  However, not every photography company has that option.  Thankfully, the photography community in general is very supportive and we will always do what’s best to help out a fellow photographer and a bride in need.  Every few years I run into a situation similar to this where either Keith or I (or both of us, or one of the other amazing photographers that work for Small Moments Studios) has to run out last minute to fill in for another photography company that needs assistance.  I personally always keep my gear charged and ready to go in case I need to rush out on short notice.  Life is life, and we can rarely control what happens… but we can be as prepared as possible.  I’m glad I was able to help out this photographer so she could focus on her unexpected health issue, and I’m glad I was able to help out this bride so that she could focus on enjoying her day.

So, an update on the original photographer, she’s doing well… thankfully she’ll be fine, but it’s better that she didn’t try to shoot the day as she might have made her situation worse.  And in the end, I know the bride was able to enjoy her day and feel confident that a professional photographer was capturing her special wedding moments.  Here are some of my favorites… Enjoy!




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