Gina & Chris: Wedding Cinematography (Venetian Garfield New Jersey Videography)

Gina and Chris had a great wedding at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey.  It was a beautiful day, they looked amazing and everyone had a blast.  We brought our quadcopter (drone) Mabel out to get some aerial footage as well.

Another great thing about this wedding was running into Alison & Sean from a couple of years ago… Sean’s the one giving the speech in the highlights.  We also ran into Gillian and Tom who are getting married this year… you’ll see their stuff up soon as well! So anyway, it was great seeing everyone!

Here’s the awesome video highlights from Chris and Gina’s day.  Enjoy!




Small Moments Studios Construction

Hey everybody! I know we’ve been kinda quiet recently on the blog and on Facebook. We’ve been working on a big project and it’s taken up a bunch of our time and energy. Chances are, if we shot your wedding, you’ve been to our studio. We’ve always gotten great feedback on our meeting space, and that’s the space that we use in general for our studio sessions as well. Having one space handle both jobs is very difficult as we have to constantly rearrange the room between meetings and shoots. The meeting space is not quite big enough for most of our photography needs. We’ve gotten by, but it hasn’t been ideal.

Additionally, as I mentioned the other day, my wife and I recently had our third child. So now with our two girls, Maya and Shayla, we’ve got a new addition of Benjamin. He’s absolutely awesome, but when he came, he moved into our 4th bedroom which happened to be the main office of Small Moments Studios. So technically, for the last 8 months I’ve been without an office, working out of various rooms in the house.

So, with the office issue and not enough shooting space, this year we’ve taken on a major expansion of the studio. We’re hiring more staff and we’re opening up our new space. Having three children, for me, it’s important that I work from home to be close to them and to be available for whatever might come up.  So our new space is still attached to the house, but that doesn’t mean my new office and studio are any less cool. The new space is going to be a total of 1,000 square feet of pure awesome. Our meeting space is changing a little bit, and then we’ve got an awesome very large studio space with great natural light and high ceilings. We’ve also got a dedicated bathroom and an awesome office/editing room.

This new space is going to be beautiful… I’m creating an awesome environment for which to continue our relationship in. I promise.  We’ll be there for your pregnancy photos, your newborn sessions and your family portraits.  We’re about at the end of the construction… thanks for bearing with us these past few months.  Things have been hectic, but that’s part of the process.

We hope to see you all soon… that means past clients, current clients and future clients.

Thanks guys!



Elisabetta and Paolo: Video Trailer (Marina Del Rey Wedding Cinematography Bronx New York)

Yes, I know that not everyone wants video/cinematography on their wedding day.  In the end, I understand, it’s definitely personal preference.  But with all I experience at every wedding, I’m more and more certain that if you opt out of cinematography, you are missing out.  It might not be today that you realize it, but some time after the wedding.  I’m so glad that Elisabetta and Paolo had us capture their amazing wedding day in both images and film.  They are a great couple and we all had so much fun on their wedding day.  Here’s their highlights trailer from their wedding at Marina Del Rey in The Bronx.

Oh, and if you want to see more from this couple, you can check out their ROCK STAR Slideshow… or their photobooth pictures… or their wedding post or their engagement session as well.  It’s all pretty awesome. Enjoy!



Elisabetta & Paolo Highlights from Small Moments Studios on Vimeo.



Rockland County New York Newborn Photography (Suffern Photographer)

So, many of you know that I’ve got two beautiful girls… Maya and Shayla.  Well,  about 9 months ago, our son Benjamin was born.  We’ve been so happy and excited… we love our girls but we miss them as babies.  Personally, I love babies and how much fun they are.  The one issue for us this time around was space… we’ve now filled up all the rooms in the house.  My office ended up becoming Benjamin’s bedroom, and that has left me sort of homeless for a little while.  In order to rectify that situation, we’ve been building a very cool addition to the house which will leave me with 1000 square feet dedicated to Small Moments Studios… that includes an office and a large room for shooting.  So as you’ll see in a future post, our small studio is going big and awesome.  It’ll be absolutely cool… check back for a separate blog post on the new space.  And so I thank Benjamin for being the push we needed to expand.

Benjamin is such an awesome boy… here’s one of his newborn images.  I love shooting newborn sessions… it flows as an extension of our weddings.  I’m always so excited when I hear from my brides and they’re expecting.  I’m even more excited when I get to shoot their newborn sessions.  And of course, I’m super excited when the newborn session is for one of my own babies as well.  One of the big plans for the new studio will be to take on more newborn sessions, so for those of you expecting… give us a call or send us an email!

Oh, and as I said, Benjamin is 9 months now… 9 months means he’s cruisin’, saying mama and dada, laughing, smiling and being generally awesome.  I don’t want to sound cliche and say that I’m blessed, but I definitely sorta feel that way!

Thanks for being here and visiting the site.  Thanks to all of our clients and couples and for all the support.





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