Small Moments Photobooth… let your guests shine! Let them get away from their tables and let loose for some pictures! Small Moments Studios will provide a red carpet experience for your guests as well as yourselves. These pictures will far surpass the old practice of having your guests take blurry photos of each other with redeye using disposable cameras at the table. It’s a fun way for you to get extra studio type shots on your wedding day as well.

Our photobooth is a fully enclosed booth with a touch screen, studio lighting and a high quality camera and printer. Guests can receive their images right away. We recently won Best Photobooth in New York as well as Top Three Photobooths in The United States. These photobooths will give you much better quality than what most all other booths can offer.

Our photobooth runs $700 for your reception. If you are booking us for photography and cinematography, ask us about adding the photobooth on at a reduced rate.

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